Issue #11 Print

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Issue #11 Print.

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Composure Magazine #11 Print
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Our 11th issue marks our first birthday…and you’re all invited to the party! But my views and feelings about Composure’s first anniversary is more akin to a newly wed couple. The first few months are spent getting to know each other, getting used to the idea of sharing “things” and navigating through the best practices for communication. Then about month five and six, a routine is more or less in place and the learning curve (thankfully) levels out a bit. Words like persistence, patience, and partnership take on a new meaning and help shape the marriage. Come month seven to 12, you dare to dream what a lifetime together looks like. And yes, we are dreaming with you in mind; our readers, contributors, editors and supporters.

What a wild ride it has been and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Just take a look at the list of names we have compiled who have all played an integral part in the Composure story. We want to take this opportunity to thank every single person we have exchanged emails, conversation, text messages, phone calls, and chat messages in the late hours before publishing a new issue. We thank all of the creative artists who have shared their invaluable craft and ideas to create a magical shoot. Thank you to all of the amazing talent featured in our pages, you who have made us laugh on set, and even let us into more intimate areas of your life. And to the amazing word and design craftsmen, our contributors – your talent gives life to our stories and the pages come alive with your artistry.

I said it in my first letter last spring that in the midst of life’s beautiful chaos, I would look up at the hectic trees and see that they are in blossom; Composure, indeed, is in blossom this spring.

Enjoy our anniversary issue!

xo Jane

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