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Laura Marano

Issue #14 Print.

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Composure Magazine #14 Print
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Composure Magazine #14 Print

As we wrap up 2016, we’ve unwrapped the complex questions that often spring up this time of year – What do I wear to the party? What do I gift her/him? How do I winter-proof my skin? What should I read on the commute home? We, like the best friend who always provides a swift reply, have just the right answers with a fashion overview to guide you through the party-going woes, a holiday gift guide to inspire the perfect gift-giving, beauty tips to keep your skin radiant straight into warmer days, and celebrity interviews that should keep you from nodding off into boredom. I mean, how can you be bored with stories of what inspired our sweet cover girl, Laura Marano, to write happy “screw you” songs (pg. 64), and secret pizza runs that “The Shannara Chronicles” star, Ivana Baquero, truly mastered (pg. 16)?

Speaking of, a weekend evening of pizza and our “Black & White” issue sounds like the best-plan-ever. Trust us on this one. If anything, every bite of that pizza will be well worth it. (Our little secret…)

Happy reading!
Jane xo

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