CM by Composure: DAISY MARQUEZ

Photography by Reinhardt Kenneth
Story by Carolina Ogliaro
Creative Direction by Ari Friedman
Stylist by Michelle Wu for CM Agency
Makeup by Archangela Chelsea for Celestine Agency
Hair by Hayley Heckmann for Highlight Artist
Lighting Direction by Hugo Arvizu
Retouching by Valeria Mediana
Photography Assistants Mert Ali Birer and James Selkirk
Production by CM Agency

Cover Look: Dress: OW @ow.collection
Earrings: Cat Janiga @catjaniga

Daisy Marquez, the real story of the globally recognized beauty maven 

It is always something magical and comforting to think that a child’s dreams become the reality of the adult. 

A balm for the soul and a beacon of hope, which stands in the riots of existence.

Once upon a time, in a cozy little room with shelves filled with hopes, there lived a young girl named Daisy Marquez. From the moment she could remember, Daisy harbored big dreams in her heart. She dreamed of exploring far-off lands and making a difference in the world. Daisy was enchanted by the world of beauty. She marveled at the transformational power of makeup, the artistry of hairstyling, and the allure of skincare. Every night before she drifted off to sleep, Daisy would close her eyes and let her imagination soar. She envisioned herself discovering every corner of the world. She dreamed of becoming a renowned makeup artist, helping people around the globe to feel good about themselves, and she also imagined herself as a compassionate humanitarian, helping those in need and spreading kindness wherever she went.

Marquez was determined to turn her dreams into reality. She poured her heart and soul into everything she did and as she grew older, her passion for beauty only intensified. She spent hours experimenting with different makeup looks and researching the latest trends. Her room became a sanctuary of self-expression, where she could unleash her creativity and indulge in her love for all things beauty-related.

Driven by her dreams of one day making a mark in the beauty industry, Daisy tirelessly honed her skills and with each new makeup she created she grew more confident in her abilities and more determined to turn her passion into a career.

Dress: OVERTHESEA @overtheseadress
Earrings: UNOde50 @unode50

“My love for makeup was born when I joined drill team in high school. We had to do our own makeup for football games and that is how I became a self-taught makeup artist,” Marquez revealed. “Currently my go-to makeup routine would be primer first, foundation, concealer, contour, cream blush, setting powder, bronzer, blush, eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyelashes, eyeliner, lip liner, lipstick gloss, setting pray and saving the best for last, highlighter! Mascara, lip liner, and gloss are the 3 makeup products that are never missed in my beauty corner.”

Through hard work, perseverance, and a touch of magic, Daisy’s dreams began to take shape. She started sharing her beauty tips and tricks on various social platforms and YouTube, quickly amassing a loyal following of fellow beauty enthusiasts who were captivated by her talent and charisma. Brands took notice of her influence, and soon Daisy found herself collaborating with some of the biggest names in the beauty industry, creating content, and showcasing their products to her loyal audience.

As Daisy confessed, “Once I discovered my love for makeup, I then began to freelance in high school and do girls’ makeup for prom. I would post my work while doing small makeup tutorials on Snapchat and that is when people requested I do longer videos on YouTube. My first YouTube video was ‘Prom Makeup: Smokey Eye’ and the rest is history. YouTube for me was a hobby and an outlet for my depression. I wasn’t aware that I could make a living off of it until I moved to LA, which was life-changing for me. A pinch moment in my life was definitely when I got my first YouTube check. I had never seen that many digits, let alone received a check. I was super thankful for it! When I realized I could make a stable income from my passion for makeup, that’s when the fire within was ignited to strive for success.”

Dress: OVERTHESEA @overtheseadress
Earrings: UNOde50 @unode50

Marquez understood that beauty wasn’t just about the outward appearance, it was also about the kindness and compassion that radiated from within. Despite her busy schedule and the demands of her burgeoning beauty empire, she made it a priority to give back to those in need.

Beauty to me is more than just physical looks. It’s universal. You can find beauty in almost everything; nature, humans, animals, in the midst of chaos, and the list goes on. Beauty to me is infinite.” 

For her, helping people in need wasn’t just a choice, it was a calling, a fundamental part of who she is. This is why she created the DAISY DACA Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to safeguarding the rights and future of immigrants in the United States. 

“The Daisy DACA foundation is something that I hold very close to my heart. Being a DACA recipient myself, I wanted to give back to my community by providing financial support. So far, it’s been very heartwarming being able to not only hear everyone’s stories but take that stress away and give them peace of mind. Philanthropy truly has become one of my biggest passions,” Marquez said.

I believe that every entrepreneur has the power to make a positive impact, both in their respective industries and in the world at large. By staying true to their passions, values, and dreams, entrepreneurs can inspire others to pursue their ownambitions and strive for greatness.

My biggest piece of advice for any woman trying to become a CEO is to save and invest your money. By saving some of that revenue and investing in a house for example, you now have multiple sources of income and you’ll be able to live financially free. It’s harder than it sounds, but with determination, anyone can achieve becoming their own successful CEO.” 

But Marquez’s journey didn’t end there. Inspired by her success, she set her sights even higher, dreaming of creating something that would empower people to express themselves and embrace their unique beauty. With unwavering determination and a keen eye for innovation, Marquez poured her heart and soul into her podcast (DAISY DIARIES), bringing her vision to life one episode at a time.

“The idea for my podcast came from my second Instagram account ‘Daisy Diaries.’ I would constantly go live and share personal stories about my life. Each live felt like a new chapter of this ‘diary’ and it

made me feel comfortable, so I wanted to provide a new platform where myself and my guests could feel comfortable doing the same. We just wrapped up the first season of Daisy Diaries and I am currently working on the next season, which is going to be bigger and better!”

Marquez’s life was a whirlwind of activity, each day bringing new challenges, opportunities, and adventures. As an entrepreneur, she wore many hats and juggled multiple responsibilities, but she thrived in a fast-paced environment, fueled by her passion and determination.

I am currently living between Texas and LA, so it depends on which state I am in. If I’m in Texas, a day in my life consists of weekly tennis lessons, training, visiting my family, and honestly anything the day brings me. My life in Texas is very tranquil. However, when I am in LA it’s very busy and filled with press, events, premieres, meetings, shoots, etc. It can get very chaotic, but I love the balance that I have between choosing when I go into the chaos or a simple life.”

For Marquez, her journey was just beginning. She is not just a beauty maven, she is a trailblazer, a visionary, and an inspiration to countless others who dared to dream as boldly as she did. And as she looks to the future, she knows that the sky’s the limit for what she can achieve. 

Looking back on her journey with gratitude and awe, we can realize that every step she had taken, and every challenge she faced has brought her closer to her dreams. 

The best was yet to come.

“I’ve been working on something that is very special and part of the beauty space. It’s my very first product of my own and I cannot wait to share it with the world.”

With unwavering determination Marquez stepped forward into the great unknown, ready to embrace whatever adventures awaited her. For she was no longer just a little girl with big dreams, she is a living testament to the power of believing in oneself and never giving up on one’s dreams. As she sets out to conquer the world, she knows that anything is possible as long as she dares to dream.

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