‘Day-To-Play’ One of Our Top Favorite 2018 Fashion Collaborations from Ego Soleil and Sharon Carpenter



From Television and Red Carpets to Fashion, We Interview Sharon Carpenter on her Collaboration with Ego Soleil

Ego Soleil as a contemporary womenswear brand already created striking, structured pieces that stood out to us. When they debuted their collaboration with broadcast journalist and producer Sharon Carpenter, we were impressed with the beautiful, feminine touches she added. Floral prints, form-flattering skirts, and a leather jacket that escaped the typical biker jacket mold were instant hits with us.

We always appreciate designs that can survive the volatile nature of fashion fads and trends. Even if you have only one piece from Sharon Carpenter’s capsule collection, just know it will last you for years!

Keep reading to learn a little more about Sharon’s work with Ego Soleil, as well as how her experience on television and the red carpet has helped shape her sense of fashion.




Composure: How did your collaboration with Ego Soleil come about?

Sharon Carpenter: My longtime stylist, Roni Francois, had previously worked with Ego Soleil and connected me with the owner, Del Addison. Roni pulled some of the brand’s looks for me to wear at a couple of New York Fashion Week appearances. I was super impressed with the quality of their garments and their designs. On top of that, I really liked the team. Both sides realized that it could be a wonderful thing for us to join forces and work on something amazing together. After brainstorming for a while what that could be, we decided that it would be very cool to create a collection together and a month or so later the work began.

C: How did you feel when you got to first see the finished product in person?

SC: It’s been such a cool experience to be part of the process from beginning to end. Ego Soleil have gone out of their way to help guide us through the process and I’ve been very involved with everything, from the sketches and designs, to the fabric selection, to the sample fittings, to the final product. It’s been an eye-opening experience, realizing just how much you need to consider when designing a piece that not only looks great but is also functional and comfortable to wear. When I saw the finished product in-person, it was such an amazing feeling. My top priority has been creating a collection that women will love and feel their best in. Once I saw the pieces, I knew we’d accomplished what we’d set out to do.

C: Do you feel your work in television has helped shape your sense of fashion in any way? 

SC: Oh, most definitely. Fashion is so important to what I do for a living. Sometimes the way I’m dressed on-camera can be even more important than what I’m saying. It’s the first thing people notice when you pop up on their screen and it can affect the way they feel about you as a host or reporter. These days, I wear two, sometimes even three, looks a day for work and all of them have to make the right statement. It’s about looking great effortlessly and feeling that sense of confidence that comes along with that. When it comes to the red carpet, however, I take a lot more risks.  That’s what the red carpet is there for—whether it’s covering the Met Gala or an awards show, it’s time to throw comfort out the door and go bold!

C: What is your favorite piece from your collaboration collection? 

SC: My favorite piece from the collection is the leather jacket. I have always been a fan of leather jackets but so few of them really stand out. This one does for a number of reasons.   The leather is butter soft, and feels amazing on your skin. The sheer panel detailing on the sleeves allows them to fit like a glove making the perfect look, and the lace detail adds a special accent. It’s the small details that make something truly special.

C: Do you think you’ll continue branching more into the fashion industry over the next few years?

SC: Definitely. Working on the Sharon Carpenter x Ego Soleil: Day-to-Play Collection has been a dream come true—it really has.  I love fashion and it’s been such a big part of my life for years now, so to take those years of experience and collaborate with a fantastic brand to create something so special, it’s been awesome. There are other types of collections I would like to work on next, including an underwear line. There’ll definitely be more fashion ahead for me.


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