JF London



An inside look at Italian designer Joshua Fenu’s world of bold accessories and footwear.

Story: Min A. Lee

Vibrant, glamorous and unforgettable are the first three words that come to mind with Joshua Fenu’s line of footwear and accessories. For shoe collectors everywhere, Fenu’s designs are a must-have. From classic heels to sneakers and bags that are a perfect blend of the 80s punk scene and modern times, JF London isn’t for the shy. With metal details, sequins and glittering stars, these beauties are meant to strike conversations. “My designs are based on my personal interpretation of women and men,” Fenu explains. “People that love to be original and chic. I love creativity and I like to tell a story with a different mood and inspiration in each collection.” This is what he does best, creating a cohesive story not just in one collection but between all of them—men’s and women’s.

You can see the experience Fenu brings by the craftsmanship of each piece. From his work as a celebrity stylist to accessories creative director for Couturier Zuhair Murad. A deep knowledge of fashion, as well as the red carpet, allow him to create an unmistakable look. We ask him about the beautiful soles of his shoes with their signature star, and what it means to the label and its consumers. “The pink sole and the five point gold star is alluding to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame,” he shares. “JF London helps give you the self-confidence needed for success.”

We wonder more about his main inspirations after learning of an adoration for Andy Warhol and David Bowie, “JF London’s inspiration is music and art,” he says. “As an endless source of creativity, fused with beauty and style.” Music, art and fashion go hand-in-hand. They do not exist without the other.  Combining these three areas together make Fenu’s collections stand out, even his more minimal, clean designs.

If you’re a die-hard shoe fanatic, you’ll love knowing that the entire line is made in Italy. “Italy for luxury accessories is the place to be,” says Fenu. “It means quality, it means tradition, each luxury brand, no matter where they are based, they make their own accessories in Italy. We have hundreds of years of history in making shoes and bags—so, I think this is the plus.” Feeling the smooth leathers and seeing the attention given to the more elaborate beaded and sequined designs, Fenu expects nothing but the absolute best in materials.

With an addictive Hollywood-feel that we know will continue to gather fans, we close with a final question on Fenu’s aspirations for the coming years. “I hope JF London will be a worldwide expanded brand with a selected distribution in the biggest cities all over the globe,” he tells us. “A brand that people know well and appreciate for comfort, quality and creativity. My biggest ambition is to create a brand with glamorous statement shoes at his heart, paving the way to confidence from within.”

To see the full collections and shop Joshua Fenu’s line visit jflondon.net!

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