Madison Bailey

Actress Spotlight — Madison Bailey 

Photography by Jovon Roberts

Story by Min A. Lee 

It would be extremely difficult to hop on Netflix and not binge on the hugely viral Outer Banks. In just its debut season, the show topped the charts for popularity, and with a second season renewal, it’s bound to continue another unbeaten run for all involved. We get a quick moment to talk with actress Madison Bailey, who many recognize as Kiara from the series, while she speaks further on her role but, more importantly, gives a candid look at her honesty and depth as a person that reaches beyond what we may see on the screen. From current movements to find a way to stay forthright and authentic while sustaining the responsibility of a vast social platform, Bailey knows how empowering the youth can lead to significant change and ultimately be a way to break through fears and barriers that hold one back.  

It is refreshing to see such a strong, transparent force in Hollywood and be able to share it with our readers. Take her words to heart and know that you’re a fan of a compelling woman who can help openly lead and stay true to her values no matter the situations that may arise along the way.  

Let’s talk Outer Banks! You play Kiara as part of a group working together to overcome a series of obstacles trying to find out what happened to John B’s father. What attributes of your character do you love most? 

I love how tough she is while being so warm. She’s a super balanced character, and I love that she would do absolutely anything for the people she loves.  

How is the chemistry between all of you on Outer Banks on and off the set? 

We all clicked immediately. We all have different personalities, but I think much like our characters that is part of the reason we get along. It’s always a good time. We’re always laughing and being chaotic.  

You use your social media platforms to talk about social-political matters, movements that will change us all, and what we hope is long-lasting and for the better. How important is it to you to address these issues? 

Speaking about these things on my platform matters because people look up to me now. It’s important to see young people unafraid to speak their mind and talk about things that actually matter. I can only hope to inspire people to be vocal and educate themselves. This younger generation is committed to learning. They aren’t scared to talk about the things that our parents were told they couldn’t speak on until they’re adults. It’s important to empower those kids and provide them with the knowledge they need to help make change happen early.  

You’re very honest and very open to your followers, from your work to your relationships. Has it been challenging? 

I feel like it’s easier to be honest. I feel very proud of the energy I have in my life, and I’m happy to share it. I have bad days, and I have good days, and I make it a point to humanize myself on my social media. Authenticity means a lot to me.  

You’re part of the Be Conference coming up this month. Can you share with us more about this and how it came about for you? 

I’m so honored to be a part of this and glad that they thought of me when it came to people with a message of confidence and empowerment for women. There are so many amazing speakers in the lineup, and I’m happy to be amongst them.  

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