Meet Kathleen Alboney and Zoya Pang of the New Label Ducki United

ducki united Kathleen Alboney Zoya Pang
Combining decades of experience in the apparel industry, Kathleen Alboney and Zoya Pang get ready to fully release their line in Fall 2018!

Story and Photography by Rebecca Ou

It is always exciting to see a new brand launch and bring a fresh style perspective to the scene. We’re constantly on the lookout for quality pieces to add to our wardrobes that fit a modest budget. Luckily, we found up-and-coming label Ducki United to fill that void this season!

A bright collection of elegant separates and handbags lined the walls of a cozy New York City loft where Kathleen Alboney and Zoya Pang prepared to show us their highly anticipated line.

Figure flattering skirts and lush knits captured our attention, along with the coolest, easy-to-carry handbags we’ve seen this year. Being able to feel the fabrics, see them on a model and try them on ourselves made us truly appreciate the work that went into putting Ducki United together.

We took a bit of time to ask Alboney and Pang more about their new brand.

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Composure Magazine: Would you give us a little background on yourselves? What got you both into fashion, and what made you decide to launch Ducki United?

Kathleen Alboney: I had started in corporate jobs but found them to be stifling. Then, I started my own company providing niche accounting services. I was a hired gun for CPA firms, and my first client was an apparel company called Naissance on Melrose and First Comes Love. I always had a love for fashion, so I applied my know-how and started my own brand. We were bored with the clothing in the marketplace and decided to launch Ducki United.

Zoya Pang: I decided to study at Parsons in New York which I think gave me a great foundation of knowledge. When I graduated I started working for a lot of Los Angeles companies that were great, but I wanted to have a little more creative freedom and fun.

CM: How has your experience in the apparel industry prepared you for this launch?

KA: Working in the apparel industry for so long has given me knowledge of my consumer. I know what women will buy and want to wear. I’ve worked with tons of brands, from the very small start-ups to huge multi-million dollar corporations, where I have been the Director of Operations and Controller. In every place no matter what the size is, the process is the most important thing. If you don’t have process, you don’t have product. I think that has been the most valuable thing I have learned that has propelled Ducki United.

ZP:  I think that the importance of creating styles that you love and knowing each piece has its place is important. At so many different places I’ve worked, quantity equaled quality and you would end up with tons of wasted product. If Kat doesn’t like something or if I don’t like something we make sure to change the design to something that we both love.


CM: How did it feel to produce your debut collection? Do you have a favorite piece from this collection so far?

KA/ZP: It felt amazing to produce our first collection. We are extremely proud of the work that we have done together. Every day is fun when you are working with people you love and respect. Getting to see the product in person and completed—there is really no better feeling. The PAC bag is something that we are super excited about, and there is nothing really on the market that is like it—it’s the new “it” bag.

CM: Do you feel there will be any signature piece/style carried throughout every collection released in the future? 

KA/ZP: Definitely the handbags. We are going to carry them throughout seasons and add different colors as the design still has room to grow in the market. It’s definitely signature Ducki United.

CM: How do you want women to feel when they wear your clothing?

KA/ZP: We want women to feel empowered when wearing our bright colors and fun silhouettes, but we also want them to feel good in their own skin. Comfort is especially important to us, so fitting each garment is a meticulous process. When the clothing fits well you can have fun, feel sexy, and empowered to take on the day and not have to worry about messing with your clothing.

CM: How important was it for you both to create an affordable price point, especially with how expensive quality clothing can get?

KA/ZP: Our price point was extremely important to us when creating these garments as we felt like there was nothing quite in the market like our price point. We wanted to be able to create a brand of clothing for the girl that wants to look great but not spend a fortune. The pieces are transitional and classic. It’s important to us that our clothes can be well-loved for a long time. We are very mindful of that each piece is made with the Ducki United Girl in mind.

CM: Any insight into how your next collection will look?

KA/ZP: Continuing with easy day to night pieces, voluminous shapes, pleating, knickerbocker pants and fun colors.

CM: Lastly, where can readers shop for your line?

KA/ZP: We will be selling on our online shop at, launching Fall 2018!

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