DIY Summer Hair Hacks, Courtesy of beGlammed

Summer is coming, and for many of us, that means sun, sand and surf can turn hair into a frizzy, fried mess. beGlammed, the celeb-favored beauty app, shares some of their favorite DIY summer hair hacks to get tresses back into shape.

Story by Archangela Chelsea


We all want to look cool and pretty during the summer season. But sometimes, due to too much heat, coloring and styling, our hair ends up damaged and looking less than cool or pretty. Thankfully, beGlammed, the celeb-favorite beauty app that brings the industries’ top hairstylists and makeup artists right to your front door at the click of a button, knows a thing or two about how to keep your hair healthy during the summer. Here, some cool (and pretty) DIY summer hair hacks anyone can do.


beGlammed summer hair hacks


Hack #1: Protect your color

Protect your summer highlights from damaging chlorine before you hit the pool. Coat your hair with coconut oil before getting in the pool to prevent the chlorine from tinting your blonde highlights green.


Hack #2: Cool it on the heat! 

You can fry your hair by applying heat to it every day with a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron. The heat can cause brittleness and breakage, not to mention it’s a quick way to dry out your hair and make it look dull and flat. Instead, try evolving the styles you wear each day. I like to start with my hair blown out on day one and carry that style over to day two. I like to elevate it to a braid on day three, and if I can make it to day four, I’ll wear my hair in a trendy top knot or a sleek low bun before shampooing and applying heat to it again.


beGlammed summer hair hacks


Hack #3: Control frizz
Control frizz with an all-natural avocado and coconut oil spray. Blend equal parts of avocado oil and coconut oil in a small spray bottle and spritz your hair for ultimate shine and frizz control for your beachy waves.


Hack #4: Shampoo less frequently. 

If you have dry hair, shampoo every other day, not every day. Your hair needs its natural oils to promote growth and strength. If you shampoo too much, you may strip your hair of its natural oils and dry out the strands, which can result in dry, thin and brittle hair prone to breakage. You can still rinse your hair each day to maximize hair health and fortify strands.


beGlammed summer hair hacks


Hack #5: Let hair relax.

Pulling your hair too tight can not only be painful, but it can weaken your roots and make your hair prone to breakage. Your hair needs strong roots to grow and be more resilient to heat, especially for those who use a flat iron. When I style my hair too tight, I notice the hair root will actually pull out from my scalp and cause excess shedding. Over time, your hair may not grow back, and it can actually cause your hairline to recede. Instead, give your hair some breathing room by loosening your ponytail or up-do.


The beGlammed beauty app is a favorite of celebs like Mariah Carey, Dakota Fanning, Miley Cyrus, Bella Thorne, and Cheryl Burke. Packages start from $40. Check out for more info.



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