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by Katrina Frolov

Not many companies form their business plans around the goal of lending a hand to underdogs, but that’s exactly what Style PR has successfully accomplished. Having become one of LA’s premiere public relations companies with an impressive portfolio of new and established designers, as well as solid relationships throughout the entertainment industry, the company has stuck to its mission of seeking out and promoting fresh talent.

For Antonio Esteban and Inessa Shak, the owners of this wildly successful boutique agency, the strategy behind catering to not only the big designer names seemed natural. “The good thing about young, up-and-coming designers is that they are still searching for a style that will define them, so they are more open to being creative and taking risks. With established designers, the quality is proven but because their style is already solidified, fewer risks are taken. Working with both ends of the spectrum really balances out what we can offer, “ they tell us.

What they offer now is a highly curated list of talents, whose work is housed in Style PR’s showroom, which allows celebrity stylists to pick and choose looks for a variety of events their clients are attending. The showroom is the company’s way of promoting their designers’ work and generating a buzz around unique talent they’ve hand-picked from around the world. “We consider ourselves a boutique fashion PR house and we are very selective on who we work with. Many of our designers are already very established in their respective countries and are looking to break into the U.S. market.”

Newly recruited designers find themselves in excellent hands. Combined, the owners of the company have between 10-15 years of experience within the entertainment industry. It’s the relationships they have formed with managers, stylists and publicist that give them a leg up in this competitive landscape. “Relationships matter. Once we work with a celebrity, more doors are opened. Landing Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and Rihanna certainly brought many other celebrity stylists to our showroom. That’s not to say we don’t work hard and stay persistent. That is mandatory in this business.”

As the company flourishes and takes on more business, the owners are determined to grow at their own pace. Their team is comprised of people who have been with them since Style PR’s inception, so a sense of loyalty is prevalent and it doesn’t hurt that they keep things fun around the office!

STYLE PR is located at
112 West 9th St., Suite 1201
Los Angeles, CA 90015


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