Fashion Showroom: PRB PR

Fashion Showroom PRB PR

by Fashion Stylist Robiat Balogun

A hidden gem located in the hustle and bustle of the Fashion District in Downtown LA, PRB PR is home to a vast catalog of designers from all over the world. With decades of experience in the ever-changing fashion industry, PRB PR has become a fashion stylists dream stop. Whether you’re working on an editorial shoot, music video, or ad campaign; PRB PR will most likely have everything you need in one spot. The founder of PRB PR chats with Composure Magazine.

120 East 8th Street Suite 212
​Los Angeles, CA 90014


CM: What does PRB stand for, and how long ago did you start PRB PR?

PRB: PRB was started 25 years ago. It stands for my full name, Piera Rossi Blodwell.


CM: I know you began your fashion career back in Milan, how did styling lead into owning your fashion PR firm in Los Angeles?

PRB: I started with Armani when I was sixteen and my career began from there. When I moved to the US I saw a void in the market for high end designers. I brought a slew of amazing designers from Italy with me and began placing them on celebrities like Meg Ryan, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Diane Keaton, which essentially brought celebrity PR to Los Angeles.


CM: Your showroom was first located in Beverly Hills, what made you transition into Downtown LA?

PRB: Downtown Los Angeles is the next happening major city in the US. Within the next five years it will be a completely revitalized location. I’m always looking ahead to future trends and this is definitely one of them.


CM: PRB PR has such a wide range of designers, who are some of the clients you feature?

PRB: I love all of the lines that I take into our fashion house and I am very particular with the clients that I take on. I have designers from all over the world including Indian designers Rajdeep Ranawat and Alpana Neeraj, Lebanese designers Ella Zahlan and Jad Ghandour, and Italian lines like Flos Floris and Lumen Et Umbra.


CM: If you could have any designer – fashion or otherwise in your showroom, whom would you choose and why?

PRB: Olivier Theyskens, Paco Rabbane, and Capucci


CM: What advice would you give to someone looking to venture into Fashion PR?

PRB: Be prepared to sweat, work very hard, and be dedicated 101% percent. It is not nearly as glamorous as it seems.


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