Jordan Fisher

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The multi-hyphenate talent shows off all his skills in the upcoming “Grease: Live,” FOX’s live television adaption of the musical classic.

Composure Magazine: You grew up in Alabama with strong roots in music and dance. What inspired you the most to pursue musical theater?

Jordan Fisher: I didn’t know of my passion until a girl that I had a crush on in fifth grade joined the drama club. I joined so I could hang with her more, but fell in love with the art! Super “Glee” of me, haha.

CM: “Grease: Live” premieres January 31. What has it been like to reprise the role of Doody?

JF: Such an honor. Barry Pearl who played the original Doody in the film is actually a part of the show. We met a couple of years ago during a show in L.A., became fast friends and said that we needed to work with each other again. Who would’ve known that THIS would be the project?!

CM: Is there something about Doody we should know about that perhaps we didn’t catch in the original movie?

JF: He sings a song in the Broadway production called “Those Magic Changes” that he unfortunately didn’t sing in the film. I do, however, get to perform that very song in our production. It’s a pretty special moment.

CM: In “Grease Live,” your girlfriend is Frenchy, who is played by Carly Rae Jepsen. What has that experience been like?

JF: Such a great time! I’m definitely a fan of her work, so being able to play in this space has been a blast. She’s a sweetheart.

CM: We hear that rehearsals have been rigorous. What does the typical day look like?

JF: Long. Haha! It’s been great, though. The typical day right now pretty much starts with wardrobe in my dressing room. I’ll make my way to hair and makeup, we’ll meet up in the gym, go over some notes, then start at the top of the show!

CM: We bet there have been some interesting moments that have occurred during rehearsals. Can you share some of your favorites?

JF: We actually all became fast friends SO quickly. We were rather obsessed with each other from day one. Haha! As a matter of fact, we’ve all adopted a pretty addicting game called ninja. It’s a sight to see. The whole goal is to take turns trying to quickly strike someone’s hand, and upon elimination, you have to survive the rest of the round. It’s SO fun.

CM: Is performing on Broadway still a goal in the future? If you could play any Broadway role, what would it be?

JF: VERY much so. I can’t wait for that day. A couple of dream roles of mine are Mark in “Rent” (hopefully a revival soon) and Fiyero in “Wicked.” I would also love to play Daniel in a “Once on This Island” revival. Or anything that Tommy Kail directs.

CM: It seems that music has been an obvious segue into TV and film for you with roles in “Teen Beach Movie” and shows like “Liv and Maddie.” What has that experience been like for you? Was it a natural transition or did it come with its challenges?

JF: Well, I actually began my journey in L.A. in TV and film. Music was something that I always wanted to pursue, but it took a little longer to figure out how to get started. My ultimate goal is to be able to make music, tour, do TV, films, Broadway, etc. for the rest of my life!

CM: What’s in store for Holden Dippledorf now that “Liv and Maddie” has been renewed for Season 4?

JF: Ooooh, we’ll have to wait and see!

CM: Going back to music, you signed with Hollywood Records last year. How has it been working with the writers and producers for your album? When will it release?

JF: I sure did! This journey has been incredible. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some incredibly talented people. SO looking forward to everyone hearing what I’ve been up to over the course of the last year.

CM: What can you tell us about your musical style and what the album is about?

JF: I grew up listening to Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Whitney, The Doobie Brothers, Lionel Richie, etc. My genre is something between a more urban pop-soul and ’80s R&B.

CM: Can we expect an album tour in the near future?

JF: That’s the goal!

Don’t miss Jordan as T-Bird “Doody” on the one-time live television event, “Grease Live!” Sunday, January 31, 7/6c on FOX.

Photography by Sami Drasin
Styling by Lo Vonrump
Grooming by Michelle Harvey
Written by Jane Hong

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