Julien Creuzet Takes BMW Art Journey 2021

Photo Courtesy of BMW Art Journey

Congratulations to Julien Creuzet! The French Caribbean artist has taken the BMW Art Journey for 2021. Selected unanimously by an international jury from the shortlist of three, he becomes the tenth winner. Upcoming travels will take him to Martinique, where he will integrate into the art student community, along with filmmakers and musicians in the exploration of this place he refers to as “the heart of my imagination.” Plans include sculptural work combined with visuals to create a documentary piecing together this homeland trek.

“I am really excited to be the winner of the BMW Art Journey,” Creuzet expresses. “It is a great chance to reconnect with the heart of my imagination and my Native land. This journey will allow me to collaborate with local artists, writers, poets, musicians, students and then setting up a real environment in Martinique.”

The jury praised the authenticity of his project and ideals of heritage versus traveling to somewhere entirely unknown, unexplored. Building upon his previous narratives of cultural and societal views of post-colonialism and the displacement that occurred in the past and affecting the future, this coming path to the archipelago will be highly anticipated by the art world.

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