The Georges Hobeika Dream

The Georges Hobeika Dream

The Paris Haute Couture Week is a week that emerges from the present moment and takes place in a dimensional space made up of dreams, details, craftsmanship, and fairy tales.

Perfectly aligned with the spirit of true couture, Georges and Jad Hobeika bring their Lebanese roots to the chicest city in the world and presented in Paris the new couture Fall 2023 show of Georges Hobeika in the opulent venue of the Palais de Chaillot.

Un Rêve.

A dream.

Hobeika paid tribute to the power of dreams and translated the symphony of soft colors and extremely feminine silhouettes into poetry.

Each garment seems to fly and dance with every movement in a profound ode to self-love and self-confidence.

This collection was imagined to celebrate hope and optimism. We have chosen soft colors and fluid silhouettes that evoke joy, gentleness, and freedom,” says creative directors Georges and Jad Hobeika.

The luminosity of the color palette, dominated by pink, lilac, blue, and green, perfectly blend with the natural touch of floral and botanical motifs that are gracefully born through sophisticated embroidery. These details allow us to enter a fairytale land made of cascades of crystals, feathers, and pearls.

Craftsmanship at its finest, where the vision of a sketch comes to life in the atelier, fabrics such as silk, duchess satin, organza, crepe chiffon, and georgette, as well as the sophistication of ornaments like tulip belts, winged earrings, and swirls of pearls, appear on the catwalk to transport you into an enchanted and delicate world.

The runway was graced by the presence of celebrity Chinese actress Fan Bingbing who appeared like an ethereal creature in a sumptuous soft baby blue gown with one shoulder off and a long vaporous tail.

Then like a mirage in the desert that dazzles with a shattering light, the bridal dress worn by Amira Al Zuhair catches the eye and takes the breath away as only masterpieces can do. A soft veil and a dress that stands out for its simplicity and elegance, with embroidered flowers that adorn the dress and tail

Is it a dream, or is it a reality?

Georges Hobeika becomes a magician of time and place and brings the dream dimension into the real one, bringing life to a collection only imagined shortly before

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