K11 Original Masters — Schiaparelli’s Daniel Roseberry

Images Courtesy of Schiaparelli

Adrian Cheng, Founder of K11, K11 Craft & Guild Foundation, and the esteemed Carine Roitfeld have released their final episode of K11 Original Masters. First launched in October 2020, the educational series has brought viewers some of the world’s leading fashion designers in an intimate discussion focusing on their careers, influences, and the heritage of their Maisons that so many hold in high regard. 

The series was “conceived from Cheng and Roitfeld’s appreciation for art and fashion and their shared dedication to preserving fast-disappearing techniques by introducing them to the modern consumer and mainstream culture.” The first two episodes focused on the worlds of Chanel and Dior, two of the most coveted Houses that carry with them a century of craftsmanship and awe. 

In the third installment of K11 Original Masters, Cheng and Roitfeld enter the world of Schiaparelli with Creative Director Daniel Roseberry. Over a matter of minutes, they speak on the inspirations behind the Fall 2021 Couture Collection, go behind the scenes, and break down how colliding contemporary innovation with steeped heritage can be balanced to create some of the most unforgettable looks worn by the world’s most-followed A-listers. 

Watching the stories unfold from the red carpet to Roseberry’s favorite archived Schiaparelli piece, to which he replied, “all the hardware,” the three speak on ancient techniques of embroidery and how tradition remains evident in clothing today across the board. They revolve around several topics, also touching upon the pandemic and the shift it caused in the fashion industry is unavoidable. 

We invite you to take a look at the episode:

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