Make-up Pro, Tracy Reese & CHOCHENG


Behind-The-Scenes of Tracy Reese and CHOCHENG with Make-up Pro Founders Chika Chan and Cheve Chan!

Story by Sangyay Chen, Rebecca Ou and Min A. Lee 

The second a runway show starts, it has ended. There’s a build-up to those minutes when a designer features their final works each season, so we went behind-the-scenes with the Make-up Pro founders Chika Chan and Cheve Chan to get a feel for what we easily overlook.

There’s really a method to the madness behind the black curtains blocking everyone out, and while it appears hectic it’s really fascinating. You get an up-close view of beauty trends that will carry over into mainstream for spring 2018, as well as the abilities of each individual make-up artist to create a streamlined look between so many models.

Expertly trained eyes examine each model to make sure the vision of the designer combined with that of the Chans will continue a story from the hair to the makeup to the clothes. Working with seasoned designer Tracy Reese and the newer visions of CHOCHENG gives the Make-up Pro team a chance to stretch their own inspirations and ideas. The bright eyes hadows splashed across lids accentuated the same striking prints of Reese’s SS18 collection. While CHOCHENG was more neutral in his designs, the dusky lavenders chosen for the makeup fit the tailored cuts of grenadine, the palest pink and lilac. Each weaved their own story into their pieces and Make-up Pro worked closely to keep that story evident—a fluidity that Chika and Cheve Chan have completely mastered.

We got a chance to ask Chika and Cheve a bit about their background, surviving the stress of New York Fashion Week and some favorite spring 2018 trends we can expect:

Composure: When did your passion for the beauty/makeup industry begin, and how did you fall into the fashion editorial world versus the social media influencer craze?

Chika and Cheve: Our passion for the beauty and fashion started at a very young age. Chika always knew she wanted to paint faces and I always knew I wanted to be in the fashion industry. Chika went to Make-up Designory and competed in London. I went to FIT for merchandising and advertising, marketing and communication.

Composure: Fashion Week can wreak havoc on our skin, attendees and models altogether, what tips do you have to combat this stress?

CC: 1. Always OVER prepare, for the worst, for the best, everything. It’s fashion week, it gets a little crazy!

2. Drink A LOT of water, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle and forget to eat, but it’s important to stay hydrated so you don’t pass out!

3. Have your makeup kit ready at all times.

4. Stay positive, work hard and stay humble! New York Fashion Week madness happens— you’ve got to keep your head up and spread good energy to keep the creative momentum flowing.

Composure: What are some of your favorite New York Fashion Week makeup trends for SS18?

CC: The sunburst of vibrant eye shadow on the eyelids, like Tracy Reese and Angel Sanchez [shows], two-toned lips to create ombre finishes—it was such a nice touch. Also, halos of ultra-violet around the eyes

Composure: Out of all the shows the Make-up Pro team has worked with, is there one that was the most memorable and how so?

CC: This season, I’ll have to say Tracy Reese and CHOCHENG. Tracy Reese was extremely humble and down to earth. She knew what she wanted in terms of art direction, which made it so much easier to bring her inspiration to life. The presentation was flawless and really got the message across.

CHOCHENG—this was actually the second season we’ve worked together and it’s such a pleasure working with him. He stays true to his identity and vision, and it demonstrates through his collection and the makeup.

Composure: Finally, Can you share with our readers your top 3 favorite makeup products right now?

CC: Make-up Pro’s—

1. Lip treatment: it’s multi-functional. You can use it as a treatment for your lips or to achieve a dewy finish for your eyelids or face.

2. Perfect concealer: it’s full coverage and works for concealing or face foundation.

3. Lipstick: full coverage and long-lasting.

On an end note…

Here’s some of our favorite looks and backstage photos from CHOCHENG and Tracy Reese. To find latest from Chika and Cheve, visit their website


Tracy Reese

Photos courtesy of Rebecca Ou, Edmond Yu and companies.

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