New York Fashion Week Recap: MOMENTUM by Timo Weiland for Crowne Plaza


New York Fashion Week Recap: MOMENTUM by Timo Weiland for Crowne Plaza

Story by Yuki Bomb, Brannon Gee and Min A. Lee

On the runway, the “MOMENTUM” collection combined business chic with Timo Weiland’s signature color block designs which revolve around a color palette of white, black, grey, pine, red, and maroon. The collection was simply chic and conservative while keeping practicality in mind for the Crowne Plaza Hotel team members. Many looks included the timeless white button-up, which clearly made a statement as a closet staple. As the models along with five Crowne Plaza employees strode down the runway in classic attire with a fashion-forward twist, they gave a welcoming atmosphere by exhibiting soft expressions and warm smiles for the audience.

The show was followed by an after-party hosted at the Kia STYLE360 Metropolitan West pavilion, which had an open bar, hors d’oeuvre, and the opportunity to mingle with the power trio behind the Timo Weiland label. During the after party, the brand’s three partners, Timo Weiland, Donna Kang, and Alan Eckstein, were seen taking several photos on the red carpet while giving in-person interviews. Just like their collection, they resonated a welcoming energy that created an engaging connection towards guests. With their kind smiles, they were approachable and very amicable.

Amidst the craziness that is New York Fashion Week, we caught up with Weiland, Kang, and Eckstein for a short Q & A session:

Composure: Your newest collection, what were some inspirations you pulled from?

Weiland, Kang and Eckstein: MOMENTUM was inspired by the blurred lines between business and leisure travel and the desire by travelers to be surrounded by great style and design from the moment they check-in to [a] hotel through the entire experience of their stay.  MOMENTUM is a highly stylized collection.  Although it is designed as a uniform for hotel ambassadors, the pieces look very much the same as the wardrobe of well-appointed hotel guests.  It’s relatable, modern and tailored.

C: Your fashion and business knowledge are key. I speak with designers, and several times the business side is overlooked. Could you share some of the challenges you’ve had with balancing both?

WKE: The trick to balance is to have really great partners and team members.  For example, Al Silvestri at Coffee put me together with Crowne Plaza—which was such a natural fit that I couldn’t believe we hadn’t partnered before.  The teams at Coffee and Crowne Plaza put the whole NYFW show together and really made all of it a success.

C: Do you have a single favorite piece from this collection? Or a specific style or cut you love to design with every collection created?

WKE: From the MOMENTUM collection, we really love the “Timo Jacket”, a zipped jacket with contrasting collar.  It works as a casual topper or in place of blazer with a shirt and tie.

C: What do you feel is a staple piece that every man and woman needs in their wardrobe?

WKE: A white button-up is an essential for men and women.  It’s season-less, timeless and can be dressed up and down.  Color blocking is also a wardrobe staple for us.  It never goes out of fashion, and makes it easy for anyone to wear color.

Final Thoughts…

The Timo Weiland brand is synonymous with putting a street edge to classic styles. When they combine their expertise with the work force, in this case the InterContinental Hotel Group’s Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts, we get a high end collection of extremely functional pieces that could be worn by everyone. We’re a bit jealous we can’t get our hands on some of the pieces with the collaboration being exclusive to the hotels’ team members, but it doesn’t stop us from shopping the ready-to-wear line. The tailoring and fits of the shirts make them our favorite, and it’s always hard to pass up a perfectly made white button-up.

From Vanderbilt to the Fashion Institute of Technology, the knowledge Weiland and his partners, bring for both business and design prove continuously successful. Scooping up award after award, we anticipate every new collection or collaboration released by Weiland, Kang and Eckstein.

Photos courtesy of Brannon Gee and companies.

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