Photography by Shanna Fisher

Styling by Robiat Balogun

Makeup by Archangela Chelsea

Hair by René Cortez

Written by Min A. Lee



Composure Magazine: The fourth season of The Magicians is currently airing—the progression of your character Margo since season one is substantial, and it’s amazing for us to watch year-to-year! Looking back did you ever think your role would develop like this? How exciting has it been for you?

Summer Bishil: I had hoped my role would develop, but I had no idea what she would develop into. I would have never guessed in a million years the transformation, both physical and mental, she would undergo.

CM: What characteristics of Margo have you grown to love most?

SB: I’ve grown to love her unwavering belief in herself. I think it’s what I love most about her. Also, she doesn’t apologize for being herself. That doesn’t mean she feels entitled, but that she’s just so authentically herself.

CM: Do you feel the show has changed you as an actress at all?

SB: I do feel it has changed me. I have much more stamina now. A series that has been running as long as The Magicians gives you that. You have to stay in the zone for five months. That’s a long time.

CM: What was one of the hardest episodes to film?

SB: Episode ten was hands down the hardest. It felt almost like making an indie film in ten days or something. It was logistically challenging, as well as emotional. It really felt like Murphy’s law, but I didn’t let it get to me or affect my performance, so I’m proud of that.

CM: How about one of the funniest moments on set?

SB: There are so many funny things that happen on set. Our storylines are so out there, and I say some crazy stuff, so often times, I have to get the laughing out of my system before it even starts. One moment that comes to mind was when I was so committed to doing a stunt, but they had already filmed it with the stunt double. I was still throwing myself all over the place for no reason and didn’t realize until the cast was hysterically laughing. They finally told me they already filmed the shot; you don’t have to throw yourself across the room!

CM: Outside of television, you’ve done quite a bit of film; do you think you’ll do more soon?

SB: I hope to. It’s been tough with being on a show to do certain things. I want to, but your dates have to work out, and I’m just not available as much. However, that is absolutely where my focus is now.

CM: Are there any projects in the works you can share with us now?

SB: The last thing I did outside of The Magicians was Under the Silver Lake. I had a great time on that set!

CM: Thinking back through all the television shows and films you’ve worked on, when did you first truly feel that your career as an actress was solid?

SB: I don’t think you ever feel it’s solid. Although, I do feel the most solid in my acting career than I have ever felt. I’m more confident and more excited about my future than I have ever been.

CM: Have you always wanted to act? What influenced you to steer towards this industry?

SB: I knew I wanted to act pretty early on in life. It was something I just knew. Movies mostly inspired me to want to act.

CM: When you get the chance to have a bit of freedom from the set, how do you like to spend that time?

SB: I just like to relax. I’m huge on working out, but I always like to take it easy. I’m someone who needs a lot of alone time.

CM: Finally, any words you’d love to say to all of your fans out there?

SB: Thank you for watching all these years!

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