Composure Magazine: We have to admit we’re super excited to see you working on the set for Monster Hunter with Milla Jovovich! Would you be able to share a little about your character in the movie?

Meagan Good: I am super excited too! I absolutely adore Milla!!! My character’s name is Dash. I instantly fell in love with this role because she’s a young sergeant, enlisted in the army out of high school, a master mechanic and badass driver—selected to join a team of Special Operates.

CM: We watched the trailer for your May 2019 thriller The Intruder. How scary was Dennis Quaid? We were terrified!

MG: Dennis Quaid is absolutely incredible in this movie! I don’t want to give anything away, but his performance is so much fun to watch! There were definitely times where I was amazed watching him because you’ve never seen him like this before!

CM: Outside of these upcoming films are any new projects you can tell us about?

MG: I do have a secret project that I’m not allowed to speak about yet, but by mid-April, you’ll know! I also co-directed my first film If Not Now, When?. It’s a beautiful story about sisterhood and the things we uniquely face daily in our lives as women. It’s a really beautiful, complex story about four best friends that explore everything from love, marriage, addiction, having a child at a young age, not being able to have children, career, divorce, dreams and so much more.

CM: You also direct and produce. Along with acting, is it difficult navigating between all three professions?

MG: At times it can be difficult when projects collide, but directing and producing is so incredibly fulfilling in a completely different way. As a producer, I love putting the pieces together and making something beautiful, intentional, and unique to my heartbeat. I have completely fallen head over heels for directing! God so graciously has allowed me to be an actress since I was a little girl. Because of that, there’s something truly amazing about coming to work with no makeup on, with sweatpants and being completely immersed in creativity and having none of it about me, but rather about serving the actors I’m blessed to work with.

CM: Do you prefer one over the other?

MG: I think acting will always be my first love. In a way, it’s all I’ve ever known. However, I adore directing. I would say something else, but I feel like I’d be cheating on my first love if you know what I mean.

CM: You hold deeply onto your faith. How does this help you as an actress, especially in Hollywood’s chaotic environment?

MG: My faith is my everything. It’s the base I build on, the space from which every decision flows, the solid ground I stand on that keeps me in check. My faith is intentional. It’s about more than just one’s self.

At 19, I really struggled with my career. Making that transition from child actress to adult is strange for almost everyone who experiences it. At that time, I had a conversation with God and told Him that “I’m willing to do whatever He wants me to do, and that I choose to desire what He wants for me OVER what I want for myself.” It was in that moment of relinquishing all “my” desires to Him that I discovered that this is exactly what He wants me to do. Except for He wants me to use what He’s put inside me to walk in my full purpose. To know who He’s created me to be has a part in what He’s “allowed” me to do, so I do it because I love it and I enjoy it, but I do it mostly because the platform it allows me to have is impactful to young women. I’m able to have a voice and an instrument that can influence and inspire positively. I can let them know they’re capable of anything and everything, that the sky is not even the limit, no matter what they’ve been through, what they’ve done or what’s been done to them.

CM: Let’s get into fashion. It’s amazing—you’ve been acting since the age of four! How have all those years of experience shaped your personal style?

MG: I think it’s made me try less! When I was younger, I just wanted to express myself with fashion and be weird. As I got older, I just wanted to feel like I wasn’t a child anymore and wanted to prove I was a sexy young woman. At this point, I “feel” sexy and beautiful in myself, so I enjoy being simple, understated, and not trying very hard. I guess at times I feel overly comfortable in my own skin. I like statement pieces when I’m “feeling it” to go along with comfy, but well-fitting clothes. For carpets, appearances, and sometimes dinner, I tend to give a little extra energy just for fun and to be outside my norm. But if I had my druthers, it would be stretch pants, rocker tees, Converse, Vans or army boots every day.

CM: Do you have a favorite fashion icon?

MG: To be honest, my sister LaMyia and two of my closest friends, Joelle Barchan and Amy Correa Bell, are my fashion icons. They have incredible fashion sense, and I’m always looking at what they’re wearing in person or on their social pages like “wow, how did they put that together?”

CM: How about your favorite clothing or accessory label?

MG: I’m kind of obsessed with Yves Saint Laurent! They made a limited edition leather jacket, and it’s probably the most expensive piece of clothing that I’ve bought. I actually felt guilty. Then it made me feel a little better knowing that my unborn daughter will have it when she’s a teenager. I also love Louis Vuitton. In the same breath, [I] love no name rocker tees and stretch pants. I love this brand called Gods Dope. I live in their hats when it’s a bad hair day.

CM: What’s your most memorable red carpet moment?

MG: I’ve had some bad red carpet days and some amazing red carpet days, but I don’t think I’ve had my most memorable one yet.

CM: Currently, what are your top two wardrobe must-haves?

MG: The first is my Louis Vuitton army boots. I actually re-designed them and took off the heel and had it changed to a different size, height, and width. Then I cut them down to make them ankle boots. My Yves Saint Laurent leather jacket is a never fail too.

CM: For our readers, what’s the most important style advice you could give them?

MG: It’s fun to try out trends, but make them your own. Live in your authenticity because yours is not like anyone else’s when it’s truly yours.

CM: Finally, what’s one thing your fans may not know about you?

MG: There are probably many things my people don’t know about me. Oxtails are my favorite food. I have two hairless pet cats named Jackson and Malcom. I used to have two marmoset pet monkeys named Esther and Rocky. My favorite colors are black and sometimes gold. Every two years, I have a huge costume themed skate party on my birthday. I believe even the bad things you’ve experienced in life will be used for your good. I love driving and singing along to 90s rock ‘n’ roll over anything else. I’ve never liked the color pink, ever.

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