Today’s Trending Solutions to Keeping You HYDRATED

Today’s Trending Solutions to Keeping You HYDRATED

Today’s Trending Solutions to Keeping You HYDRATED

The importance of hydration and water intake has been steadily over-stressed lately – perhaps in part due to the rising summer temperatures. Our social feeds are bombarded with articles that insist on how delicious water is – how necessary it is for the hydration of our cells and the glow of our skin. We know, we know – it’s one of the best things for our bodies!

Judge us if you will, but not everyone’s taste buds are that easily satisfied. In its many forms, the benefits of water are absolutely indisputable and widely known enough for us to not repeat them here. However, if you’re expected to drink one to four liters a day depending on your body composition (according to the USDA) for the rest of your life – wouldn’t you want a little variety when it comes to your hydration regimen?

Luckily, if you share those sentiments, there are more than enough options on the market that could serve as intermittent water replacements and supplements. For instance, have you heard of Coco5? Developed by a team of sports medicine

For those of us who are the first to test out a trending product, FAT water, developed by Dave Asprey (the very same responsible for the Bulletproof coffee madness), is the newest concoction to claim increased levels of hydration and added energy. According to their inventor, the trick is in mixing droplets of medium chain triglycerides. We know what you’re thinking, but these fats are typically just burnt off in your system. The concept of the drink is that the presence of these fats allows for easier absorption of the water and a bonus of energy. It also comes in different flavors!

If you’ve got the water part down and are looking to boost your body’s rejuvenation instead, a trending supplement is charcoal. Known for it’s detoxifying qualities, charcoal binds itself to the toxins in your body and assists them with making an exit. Just be careful not to overdo this one – once or twice a week is what’s typically recommended for the best results.

When all is said and done, there’s really no long term replacement for water. While the above can offer temporary solace to those who find water tasteless, they’ll just have to get used to it like everybody else. Pick a type of water that fits you – ours is Essentia Water, a 9.5pH alkaline water with added electrolytes and extra smooth taste. Start introducing it into your system on a regular basis and work your way up to where your body’s intake needs to be. You’ll see a remarkable difference, especially if you cut out the sugary drinks that throw your calorie counter into a frenzy.

Think of it this way, it’s refreshing, it’s what your cells crave, it’s what your skin needs, and it’s calorie free. Winner!


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