Valentino PP Pink


We are facing a tough time. An unknown time. A time where ferocious hatred extends its shadow like a skeletal hand hooked on harmless prey. The sky became dark, lit only by fires. It seems the only way out is to live in the shadow of this fear, but this black river is blocked from an idea, a memory, a hope, a message.

And the message arrives in the form of a fashion show, which reminds us that love is always the answer. Pierpaolo Piccioli, with the PP Pink collection for Maison Valentino, brings the immense power of love back to the surface.

The Maison Valentino show started with a recorded voice of the creative director that ends his speech with words that pass through the heart and go straight to the center of the soul, “Our thoughts go to those who are suffering. We see you, we feel you, and we love you. Because love is the answer, always.”

Love is always the answer.

I still have the voice in my ears today, and I take them with me constantly like a mantra because love will win.

The bold fuchsia set that welcomes the guests is just the anticipation of a vibrant and decisive fashion show. There is no time to waste, and you have to let go of the superfluous and focus on what is necessary. In fact, the monochromatic choice is not accidental, as explained by Piccioli himself. The monochrome serves as a means of not distracting the viewer from the details and silhouettes; of the 81 looks presented, more than half are total fuchsia and the remaining black.

And about the shade of fuchsia, as stated by Maison Valentino, “Chromatic homologation is an experimental yet deeply human gesture that enhances individuality, summarizing values and feelings. Pierpaolo Piccioli’s pink is also individual and unrepeatable, for which Valentino is collaborating with the Pantone Color Institute to create a unique identity.”

The fuchsia looks are contemporary and fierce as the chunky sneakers and ultra-high platform shoes. The heritage pours on the embroidery dresses that have a modern Haute Couture allure, jackets and raincoats become a tribute to the sartorial tradition. The triumph of ostrich feathers and long sequined gloves plunges us into an almost fairytale atmosphere.

The black collection is in the typical elegance to which the Maison has accustomed us, sinking its roots in the past of the Valentino, giving it new life with a discreet charm capable of turning heads for its class and refined seduction.

Each bag and shoe presented during the show is ready to become a must-have for the Fall and Winter and to create iconic accessories—we know that Piccioli is a real Maestro. The indisputable heir capable of keeping the Maison Valentino at the glories of Valentino Garavani is only Pierpaolo Piccioli. A dreamy ready-to-wear that has in some of its garments the persuasive charm of Couture, capable of striking the viewer with a minimal color palette.

During a historical moment in which we need to fully understand that universal love is the answer, Maison Valentino is an advocate of this message.

Love is always the answer.

Images Courtesy of Valentino

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