Story by Min A. Lee

Collagen is always a hot topic when it comes to skincare. It’s already well-researched capabilities and the visual changes it gives to the skin have made it increasingly popular among skincare companies. From serums to creams, collagen itself when we get down to technicality is the main protein in your connective tissue that gives it structure. There are several types of collagen based on the structures they form from bone and cartilage to hair. Breaking out of the science mineralizations and dense terminology, in short, the protein is seen as a fountain of youth by beauty followers. A way to bring back the skin’s buoyancy and healthy appearance, and for those that can fork over the cash, collagen injections are a popular route.  


Some creams and serums feel as if they only sit on the skin as a temporary filler for a few hours rather than being absorbed. This makes sense considering the natural cell size of this triple helix molecule. We wanted to figure out options outside of injections. Something more affordable and less invasive with no needles and this is when we came upon La Sirène. Founded by Anixia Rodriguez, La Sirène is the culmination of her experiences of dancing and modeling since a child and then over time seeing how women became more fixated on “invasive cosmetic treatments such as botox to alter their looks.” Thinking back to her grandmother driving the importance of doing proper skincare early as a preventative measure, Rodriguez took this philosophy to create her label.  


“As I grew older, my love for skincare and preserving my youth naturally became even greater, and I was tired of seeing society pressuring women as young as the age of nineteen to start getting injections as a preventative measure for aging,” Rodriguez explained. “I then began researching marine ingredients to create a skincare line that would be highly effective and encourage women to embrace their natural beauty and assist them in aging gracefully. During that time I was introduced to marine collagen from Japan and was instantly curious as to why this type of product had never really been heard of in the US. Once I did my research and saw my own personal results, I knew then that I needed to share this magical powder with the world! Shortly after my discovery, I created La Sirène with hopes that I can encourage others to love the skin they’re in so they can not only look but feel their best!” 


This combination of marine collagen and antioxidants dissolve quickly into your drink of choice but avoid carbonation, they say. With three different options, consumers have picked up on La Sirène’s natural abilities and found noticeable changes for their skin, hair and nails. Neiman Marcus has tapped into La Sirène and offers it to their shoppers seeking anti-aging care. With new labels popping up constantly and luxury houses boasting their own collagen filled products, we have to ask what sets Rodriguez’s powder apart from others. “I chose marine collagen for all La Sirène products because it has the most superior bioavailability over all other types of collagen due to its smaller particle sizes — it absorbed up to one and a half times more efficiently in the body making it more effective than bovine, porcine or chicken collagen,” she shared. “Additionally, marine collagen is a Type 1 collagen, which is the most abundant collagen in the human body, making up 70 to 90 percent of the collagen in our skin, bones, muscles and joints.  La Sirène works from within to slow down the aging process by replenishing the collagen that has been depleted from our bodies.”  


We appreciate that as a founder of a skincare label, and one that is consumed and digested, Rodriguez has done her due diligence with research and has experienced this specific collagen from where it originates. The beauty industry is always being taken over by fads and trends, but there are some we hope will maintain permanence. The fact that La Sirène isn’t an invasive procedure or surgery opens up the ability for it to become more mainstream. As the power of positive reviews takes hold, we expect Rodriguez will continue to build her skincare empire.



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