Fashion Designer Profile: The Office of Angela Scott

Fashion Designer Profile: The Office of Angela Scott


Fashion Designer Profile: The Office of Angela Scott

California raised designer, Angela Scott is here to make a statement with her men’s inspired footwear.

Interview by Robiat Balogun. Written by Kathleen Rodgers

Luxury Punk. At first thought, these concepts seem mutually exclusive – one reflecting the upper echelons of consumerism, and the other standing fundamentally against that very conformity. But in their intersection lies the brilliance of Angela Scott, Melrose Avenue’s newest resident footwear designer. Combining an appreciation for the legacy and quality of craftsmanship with a timeless yet individualistic design aesthetic, The Office of Angela Scott brand, in her words, is “a women’s luxury brand for women with confidence, who value independence, cultivate old-world attention to detail, and never take themselves too seriously.”

Both her style and her inspiration reflect the intersection of the old and the new. Inspired by her grandfather’s classic Italian-gentleman style and a constant desire to emulate her punk-rock brothers growing up, Angela Scott’s childhood memories embody what her collection has become.

The oxford shoe remains the foundation of The Office of Angela Scott’s footwear brand, which also includes boots, sandals and heels. And while her shoes, handcrafted in Portugal and Italy, may have traditional roots, nothing about her designs are mainstream. Mixing materials, colors, and designs, she creates shoes to be artful statement pieces rather than an accessory. In describing the inspiration behind her current Fall 2015 line, she explained, “I wanted people to not only love the way the shoes look but the way they felt, hence the tough metallics mixed with soft suedes and nubucks.” With every new design, she continues to give us a glimpse of what it means to be luxury punk.

First launched in Spring 2012, The Office of Angela Scott has grown to have an international following. Carried in stores from Neiman Marcus and Harrod’s in London to Tomorrowland in Tokyo, and worn by the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Julia Roberts, Solange Knowles, Cate Blanchett, and Taylor Swift, the initial success of her women’s line prompted the launch of a men’s line, The Office of Mister Scott, in Fall 2013.

Angela Scott just passed another milestone with the opening of her first store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. “Melrose is iconic,” Scott explains, “There is such a beautiful mix of luxury, street brands, and vintage.” A California native, Scott designed the space to give customers an immersion into California design culture. In addition to the full line of men’s and women’s shoes, the store will carry a variety of California based designers, from perfumes to hats to clothing, showcasing the vibrance of California’s creative heritage.

With sights set on growth, Scott has big dreams for what’s next. She hopes to open more stores in New York and Tokyo, as well as expanding her collection into a full lifestyle brand. “I like to think of the growth of the brand like a women’s overnight bag. One classic button down shirt, a cashmere sweater, a button down shirt dress, a chic pair of pants, a pair of oxfords, a pair of boots, and a leather satchel for business files, mags, and a laptop. Then you are good to go. If I could fill that checklist, that would be brilliant. Classics that will last a lifetime, never go out of style and always chic for a quick weekend.” If her shoe designs are any indication, this expansion will be met with eager anticipation.

If you cannot visit the store on Melrose, do not miss the chance to marvel at her brilliance. Head over to @OFFICEOFANGELASCOTT on Instagram, where she explores her artistic freedom to “let everyone see my footwear journey from my eyes” and loves the way it allows her “to directly connect with customers all over the world through photography.”

The Office of Angela Scott. 7975 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046.


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