LOUIS VUITTON Men’s Fall 2021 Capsule

Images Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

When Virgil Abloh put his stamp on Louis Vuitton’s menswear, we knew the beloved Damier and Monogram would be propelled to new heights. When we first saw the Men’s Fall 2021 Capsule collection, the tie-dye effects and the penciled appearance on the Damier checkerboard enlarged for urban styles are precisely what we’ve come to love from Abloh. Every piece is a hit for fall right now—a combination of heritage and contemporary vision. Taking inspiration from Gaston-Louis Vuitton’s 1914 greeting card “of a bouquet against a checkerboard background,” we always appreciate how history remains celebrated. It’s too difficult to pick favorites from the entire release, so it’s best to view them all simultaneously!

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