New York Fashion Week Recap: Katie Gallagher

A look into the inspirations behind Katie Gallagher’s newest collection “RAIN” for S/S 2018.

Story by Yuki Bomb with Photography by Brannon Gee

As Katie Gallagher’s presentation for “RAIN” begins, the room is completely dark as the sound of heavy rain fills the room. Small specs of light in different hues of blue and purple depicting rain presents shadowy feminine figures standing stone-still on stage. Quick strobes of white light flashes in less than a second as though lightning seeks to reveal a dark mystery. Suddenly, a dark electric guitar riff plays with an uncanny whistle as the soft lights of blue, green, and purple gently reveal the fifteen doll-like women displayed on the black stage. The mood had shifted from dark mystery to an eerie and mystic atmosphere.

As if the spring rain had broken the last fine sheet of winter ice, the women came to life one by one slowly walking around the stage in their moody and cool garments of only black and baby blue. Their hair was styled in messy buns with thin strands of hair that flowed gracefully as they walked. The models’ faces were pale with cold and blank expressions. While they slowly walked around the stage, turn by turn, their empty expressions created chills that spread through the silent audience.

The garments were a combination of bold, sexy, and dreamy. Translucent pieces with ethereal layers is the hallmark of Rain’s general cold, dark character. As described by Gallagher, “Looks include heavy baby blue and black mink sashes paired with sheer English Tulle hoodies and long, banded translucent skirts, loose and banded grosgrain ribbons contrasted with sleek swimwear, bondage bodysuits coupled with dainty carel shoes, and baby blue and black tights pulled over heels.” Pearls were used harmoniously on some pieces as well as makeup to evoke tears, raindrops, and morning dew.

After the last girl had completed her stroll around the stage, the sound of heavy rain once again over ruled the room along with the visuals of abstract rain. The girls were no longer enigmatic to the audience; they were resilient, beautiful, gallant, and powerful.

Katie Gallagher on…

Her inspirations:

“Usually my life in New York, a lot of music. So, music inspires a lot of what I do. They’ve always been hand in hand ever since the beginning. Also, my own paintings and drawings.”

Tying fashion and music into her collections:

“I think it’s just whatever I’m working to [during a song], like, if I’m making something to a song. I even have pieces up there that to me, it is that song. You know what I mean? It’ll be in my mind.”

Her favorite piece from the RAIN collection:

“It’s kind of two. I really like the all navy blue look just to look at, because it’s kind of like a new visual to me, and it’s very editorial. Then to wear, there’s that long piece that laces up the front, kind of like a jumper. I would wear that every day.”

The emotions her clothing evokes:

“Women wearing it—they’re meant to just feel really cool and powerful because they are…if they’re wearing it (laughs). Also, the same thing when people are watching it. It’s supposed to be very dark and just like—almost like music. If you’re in a show, you’re supposed to really feel the music. They’re almost the same tied together.”

Final Thoughts…

Every collection designer Katie Gallagher releases, she maintains her dark aesthetic. Beautifully draped with luxurious fabrics and daring cuts, each piece always delivers a certain romantic appeal. Sometimes moody, sometimes a bit sexy, and there’s always the superb craftsmanship we’ve come to expect of Gallagher. Since her first collection debut in 2009, we look to her immediately for something more venturesome to add to our wardrobe every time New York Fashion Week rolls around.

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