Dior Lady Art 6

Artist: Antonin Hako

Phenomenal—when we first laid eyes on Dior’s latest special project, it was one we didn’t expect to come from the House. There’s undying respect for the Lady Dior and all the beautiful classic leathers and fabrics season to season, but this time the Lady Dior is about “art and desire,” with zero cautious planning. Experimenting with individuality, new interpretations without global nor artistic boundaries, the House has called upon Lina Iris Viktor, Li Songsong, Daisuke Ohba, Yukimasa Ida, Leonhard Hurzlmeier, Zhang Huan, Antonin Hako, Gigisue, Genieve Figgis, Johan Creten, Gisela Colón, and Manal Aldowayan to “take turns reinterpreting and transforming the iconic bag.”

Each artist was given the freedom to create what they yearned to see the Lady Dior as. Using techniques we’re in awe of, the evolution of each variation gives way to the elaborate imagination of every artist. Whether influenced by culture, the cities they live in, various people, places, styles, Dior calls it “an ode to uniqueness.” When it comes to heritage, a hint of what made the luxury namesake what it remains today is found within the bags’ final touches: “These pieces are adorned with delicate reworked [Dior] charms, reminiscent to the lucky talismans that the famously superstitious Monsieur Dior always had on him. These creations offer a bridge between the House of Dior and the cultures of the world.”

With most collections, we can quickly choose our favorites, but this is one of those rare times where one can’t be pinpointed or placed above any other pieces. For us, this is truly a magnificent collaborative effort to come about from them, and we hope they will continue with this same driven spirit.

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