Furry Friendly

Furry Friendly: Fur in fashion


Furry Friendly

The fashion world is taking notice of the cruelty-free movement! Designers are working to raise the public consciousness as it relates to our furry friends. We are seeing more and more brands taking action against the use of animal products and animal testing. Materials like leather & wool are being replaced with eco-friendly, sustainable and non-leather materials. Stay cruelty-free and on trend with these brands we’ve put together for you!

  1. Vegan Ankle Boot ‘Amanda’ Bourgeois Boheme, $223.67, bboheme.com
  2. Ramona Faux Fur Coat, Stella McCartney, $4,570.00 available at NET-A-PORTER.com
  3. “V”irkin Tote, PETA x Freedom of Animals, $400.00 available at Freedomofanimals.com
  4. HERMIT bag, GUNAS, $149.00 available at Gunasthebrand.com
  5. Floral Mesh Lace Dress, Free People, $128.00 available at Freepeople.com


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