Carine Roitfeld & Adrian Cheng’s Savoir-Faire: The Mastery of Craft in Fashion

Images Courtesy of Chanel, Dior, CR + K11

Beginning December 13, Carine Roitfeld and Adrian Cheng, CEO of New World Development, open their collaborative exhibition Savoir-Faire: The Mastery of Craft in Fashion at K11 Art & Cultural Centre with dual celebrations in Paris and Hong Kong. Cheng founded the K11 group in 2008 to create a platform for the arts, luxury brands, and commerce to give younger generations an environment for opportunities and networking within the various industries. The exhibition will be a stunning combination of such. Some of the most acclaimed luxury Maisons will share singular pieces, including a few from Roitfeld’s collection, which has never been released to public viewing. 

“Through the understanding of craftsmanship—the transmission of tradition, ideas, and techniques between societies and culture—fashion has been creating deeply collaborative relationships of connection and exchange,” explains Cheng. “I am thrilled to be working with Carine to bring forth a potent illustration of the power in craft and artisanship so we may also collectively celebrate its innovation for the future. Together, we bring this unprecedented exhibition to Asia for the first time to rejuvenate the cultural landscape of Hong Kong.”

The rarities on display show centuries-old heritage to the newer Houses that have reached global recognition for their mastery and transformative techniques that push our curiosity. With Roitfeld’s illustrious editorials from her days at Vogue Paris to her own bi-annual CR Fashion Book, the installations will feel akin to a unique journey guided by her vision and experience in the world of haute couture. You’ll walk amongst several of the most exquisite styles from Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Iris van Herpen, Loewe, Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, and Valentino, along with avant-garde pieces from highly adored Richard Quinn and Tom Van der Borght. 

“Throughout history, editors have used the pages of magazines as a canvas to bring to life fashion’s most extraordinary ideas and creations,” shares Roitfeld. “By harnessing an editorial approach to the storytelling and visual journey, this exhibition will showcase some of the most exemplary cases of craft in a way that, we hope, motivates a deep appreciation for the history and heart of fashion among the next generation. These young visitors are inspiring the future of our industry, and I hope that our work serves to spark their imagination, creativity, and commitment to keeping fashion’s most significant techniques alive.”

In conjunction, a webinar series, K11 Original Masters, produced by Cheng and Roitfeld, will be released in November as they explore and converse with the artisans and leadership behind the Maisons of Chanel and Dior for the introductory episodes. Using digital platforms to help showcase what goes into creating the world’s most beautiful haute couture collections is an exciting part of the partnership formed between Cheng and Roitfeld as they continue on new avenues for sharing their deep appreciation of workmanship and fashion.

Savoir-Faire: The Mastery of Craft in Fashion is produced by CR Studios and will run from December 13, 2021, through February 14, 2022, at the K11 Art & Cultural Centre (K11 MUSEA).

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