At just 19 you have a vast filmography. From one of your earliest films Bridge to Terabithia through your current role on The Good Witch as Grace Russell—what got you into acting as a child, and inspired you to continue pursuing this career?

I’m a very faith-focused person, and so I believe it was truly a God thing. My older sister was auditioning for a film, and I was in the waiting room with our mom. I was 4 at the time, and the casting director saw me and asked if I wanted to audition for this role they had. I had never auditioned or acted before, except for small commercials with my mom. My sister and my mom turned to me, and I said, “Sure!” I ended up booking that movie, and then a few months later, I found myself in New Zealand filming a movie called Bridge to Terabithia. From there, a journey began that none of us thought was going to happen. I found what I loved to do at a young age, which is something most people can’t say, and I’m so grateful and humbled. 

Season 5 of The Good Witch is about to begin, can you tease us on any of the storylines for the show and Grace?

I’m looking forward to everyone seeing this season. Grace is growing up a ton, and like any 19-year-old, she’s struggling to figure out what she wants to do, who she really is and if she’s doing anything right. You see her worrying about getting into college, realizing she won’t be home, experiencing her first heartbreak and then trying to open up her heart to new love. 

Having worked in the entertainment industry for well over a decade, what advice would you give kids and young teens wanting to act?

My advice would be to be easy on yourself. I find that people hear about so many overnight success stories, and that can paint an unrealistic picture in someone’s head. Know that things take time. If you aren’t on set filming or you haven’t booked that dream job, start making your own opportunities! Write! Film! Create! We live in a world where social media can be used as a tool to tell our own stories. So we should use it! 

Not only are you a talented actress, but you’re also a published author! Your first book co-authored with Stefne Miller was very well-received, do you have plans to write more soon?

Writing has always held a special place in my heart. I’m constantly writing throughout the day, whether it’s a script idea, a song, or a future book. Conversations are being had right now about diving into the book world, and I’m looking forward to seeing where that goes. I really believe timing is everything and if I put anything out, I’d want it to be near perfect. 

You grace our Beauty cover this issue, so we want to ask a bit more about skincare and makeup. Can you tell us how you keep your skin in such beautiful shape?

I’m a firm believer in no makeup days. With the job I do, I’m constantly wearing makeup on set or for events, so when I have a day I can let my skin breathe, I take the opportunity! Kate Somerville has been so helpful with teaching me how to take care of my skin in the now and also giving me tips to start preventing aging. I use their Goat Milk cleanser, their DermalQuench Wrinkle Warrior and then I follow that with their Dilo Oil. I also love this Rosewater and Aha toner from Little Barn Apothecary. It’s all natural, which I adore. 

What beauty must-haves do you keep in your bag when on-the-go?

An eyelash curler, lip balm and a bit of concealer. 

Makeup for films and television can be intensive. What’s one of your wildest looks from the sets you’ve worked on?

Horror films are so much fun to film because you are guaranteed a ton of blood and dirt!! The Strangers: Prey At Night was a blast because every day I was drenched with fake blood, cuts, and dirt. At one point I had so many bruises from doing my stunts we actually had to start covering up my own. 

Do you have any makeup artists or beauty influencers you admire?

I have been so fortunate through the years to meet such talented makeup artists, who have been kind enough to paint my face and are now people I can call dear friends. Megan Lanoux, who has been doing my makeup since I was 13, Carissa Ferreri, Kelsey Deenihan, Katrina Klein and Melissa Hernandez are women I admire so much for their work and their hearts! 

To end with, for fun, what’s one thing your fans might not know about you?

I’ve always been a lover of music, and it’s been a dream of mine to pursue it. I’ve been spending the last few months in the studio writing and recording, and I’m so excited to share with people what I’ve been working on soon!

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