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Victoria Moroles Victoria Moroles Victoria Moroles

Whether playing a werewolf on “Teen Wolf” or a tomboy on “Liv and Maddie,” Victoria Moroles knows how to stay grounded.

Composure Magazine: You’re a Texas gal — what are some things that you love about growing up in Texas?

Victoria Moroles: One of my favorite things about where I grew up, that I don’t think I appreciated as much when I was younger is the simplicity of life there. I think as a kid, I may have looked at it like it was a little boring, with not much to do at the time, but now I realize how much that grounded me. I also loved growing up on the coast; a lot of my childhood was spent on the beach, and of course, nothing compares to Southern food.

CM: Who are your heroes in film and TV?

VM: Wow, there are so many people who inspire me, honestly, but to name a few — Sandra Bullock has always been one since I was little. Viola Davis, because she just oozes strength and confidence, which inspires me to not only be a stronger actor but woman as well. Jennifer Lawrence, because she is so relatable on so many levels. Meryl Streep because, I mean, Meryl Streep.

CM: Your character in “Teen Wolf,” Hayden Romero, struggles with life and death in all aspects. What do you do to get yourself “in character” for Hayden?

VM: I like to do a little meditation before going into work, which just helps me in being super present and connected with whoever I am that day. I’ll work on the script beforehand obviously, but then after that it’s just kind of about letting the “work” go, trusting that it’s in me, and letting her flow through naturally and truly “living” in whatever situation she’s going through. Music is a big thing for me as well; I have certain playlists I’ll listen to for each character I get to play. Hayden’s is typically on the darker, more alternative side.

CM: Any advice for those wanting to pursue acting?

VM: I don’t know if I’m in any authority to be giving advice yet, but I guess so far, what I feel like has helped me throughout my journey is really learning how important patience is. Some advice that I’ve gotten that has helped me is to try to maintain balance in every aspect of your life because you can’t be someone else if you’re not connected with who YOU are. Also, in times that I feel really discouraged or unmotivated, I go back to that moment and feeling of inspiration that made me want to be an artist, and I never lose sight of that.

CM: The shows you are in deal mostly with teens and the struggles they are going through. What do you think teens today struggle with in their daily lives?

VM: Well, I feel like there are honestly a million different things that you go through in that time of your life, so many different emotions and relationships that you’re figuring out how to navigate. But I think the biggest struggle is self-acceptance, whether that be acceptance of yourself or acceptance of others. Of course, you may struggle with that your whole life, but I feel like it is very prominent during your teens.

CM: In the TV show “Liv and Maddie,” your character Andie Bustamante is a tomboy. Do you consider yourself a tomboy?

VM: Yeah, for sure, I would definitely say that I have what society would consider “tomboy” qualities, and I have a lot of fun playing Andie for that reason. I have my fair share of girly moments, too, though, just as you see Andie have on the show.

CM: What does the word “beauty” mean to you?

VM: The word “beauty” sparks up a world of images, thoughts and feelings for me. To me, beauty in another human being is self-acceptance, honesty, truthfully living in your own skin, confidence, being 100% who YOU are and owning your own uniqueness.

CM: Any new year’s resolutions?

VM: It will most likely be for every year throughout my life, but this year specifically, I’m trying to weigh in on the practice of moderation and balance, and where I can use that in different aspects of my life.

CM: Any upcoming projects you have lined up?

VM: Well, I’m stoked for “Teen Wolf” season 6 to begin shooting this spring, and of course, I always hope that we see Andie pop up in a few episodes of “Liv and Maddie” season 4.

CM: After a long day’s work I like to come home and (fill in the blank).

VM: Honestly? Wash my face, get in sweats, make tea, and either watch one of my shows, play a little guitar, or read a book. Nothin’ crazy, just “me” time.

CM: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

VM: Ten years from now I hope to be living a healthy life, in good spirits, enjoying wherever I’m at, continuing my journey as an artist, and helping to change the world in whichever way life may lead me.

Catch Victoria on MTV’s “Teen Wolf,” Tuesdays at 9/8c, and on Disney Channel’s “Liv and Maddie.”

Photography by Shanna Fisher
Styling by Adrien Rabago
Make Up by Robiat Balogun
Hair by Karen Park
Written by Christine Chang

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