“Sen no Rikyu” — UNDERCOVER

Taken from an idiom by Japanese tea masters, “Sen no Rikyu,” which translates to “once in a lifetime,” is the ideal behind Jun Takahashi’s latest collection for Undercover. Speaking on the pieces, Takahashi shares, “I worked in a great environment which is a brand new studio located in a mountain where I can walk down to the beach. Cherish the ordinary. It reflects my wish to create designs that are not excessively decorative but deeply rooted in everyday life.” Working in collaboration with Japanese rock band ‘OGRE YOU ASSHOLE,’ the graphic details reflect looks that speak to Takahashi’s understanding that time is fleeting, and once it has passed by, it is gone. He says, “any moment in life cannot be repeated. Treasure every single day of your life…it is the theme for this collection.”

Collaborators for Undercover’s latest season: OGRE YOU ASS-HOLE with Artwork by Manabu Deto (Vo. Gt) and with EASTPAK Photography by Taro Mizutan i(BE NATURAL) and Hair by TAKU (VOW-VO

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