Veronica Dunne

Actress Veronica Dunne for Composure Magazine
Actress Veronica Dunne for Composure Magazine



Actress Veronica Dunne for Composure Magazine
Actress Veronica Dunne for Composure Magazine


Actress Veronica Dunne for Composure Magazine
Actress Veronica Dunne for Composure Magazine


K.C. Undercover star, Veronica Dunne, gets going on her love of thrift shops, Lucille Ball, and why she stands up to bullying!

CM: You’ve been acting since the age of 4! Wow. That’s many years of experience for someone as young as you are. Tell us how it first started and how it’s evolved as you’ve grown up.

VD: I started doing theater when I was 4, TV and film when I was 10. It’s been amazing having that many years of training and experience. It’s prepared me for all that’s happening now.

CM: We know entertainment is in your blood, your father being Murphy Dunne. We’re big ‘Blues Brothers’ fans. Can you tell us how he has influenced you?

VD: I was so lucky. I mean, this business can be rough, but to have someone that I could look up to and to tell me the realities of this industry. He really gave me a great foundation to stand on and the confidence that I am enough. When I walk into the room I am who am, and if it’s not the right part there will always be another. He’s taught me so much, especially when it comes to comedy. Such a funny guy. He’s just given me so much.

CM: Your bio talks about your desire to be a strong role model for young women everywhere. Can you elaborate on that? Why is that important to you?

VD: I’ve been given an incredible platform by being on Disney. So many young girls look up to the female roles on that network. I know I did. And I think growing up a girl in today’s society is really hard with all the Photoshop and airbrushing. All these girls who are portrayed as ‘perfect’ when in reality, no one is perfect. We all have our flaws and there’s something beautiful about every single one of us. I think that’s really important to acknowledge. I want to be a real girl that others can look up to. Another issue that matters to me is bullying. I was badly bullied throughout childhood. Because of that, it’s become something I want to stand against publicly. I’ve been given this opportunity and I think it’s important to use in a way that benefits others. This fact that girls can look up to me, and do look up to me, is an honor and a privilege. I want to make the best of it.

CM: What’s your ideal medium to work in? Film? TV? Stage?

VD: Honestly, I couldn’t pick one. I love them all. Each one serves its purpose and fulfills me artistically in a different way. The feeling that you get from being on stage differs so much from that of film or TV. You’re creating art in unique ways. I aspire to do all of it and in some ways need that diversity to be completely fulfilled as an actor. Each medium brings a different aspect to my life that I need and love.

CM: Any specific career goals?

VD: I just want to create beautiful art that inspires people. The fact that I’ve been given an opportunity to do that is astounding.

CM: Who have your strong role models been? Any women in particular who have inspired you?

VD: I love Jennifer Lawrence. She’s so awesome, down to earth, and talented. Meryl Streep, obviously. As far as my idols growing up- I’d say Lucille Ball. I think she is where I got a lot of my comedic inspiration. I always knew that I wanted to do comedy, particularly sitcoms. That’s where I wanted to start. And I think it was from watching so many episodes of ‘I love Lucy’. I remember I would pretend to be sick so that I could sit in bed and watch that show. Sorry middle school teachers!

CM: Let’s talk about your style. Do you follow trends or do you do your own thing?

VD: My style, I’d say, is bohemian vintage chic. I don’t know. It’s hard to categorize a style with certain adjectives because style changes all the time. But I love going to thrift stores. I could spend hours there just browsing and digging through clothes. But yes, sometimes trends are great to follow. It’s great to get interesting ideas from other people. I know New York Fashion Week just happened and of course to see all those amazing designer shows- I get inspired. That being said, I also think it’s great to come up with your own quirk or edge to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

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